Design, Themes & Styles: The colour picker

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Introduction to the colour picker

The colour picker has four parts:

  • Custom colour selector: Use this to choose a colour.
  • Colour swatch: Use this to choose a colour from the current colour swatch.
  • Selected colour display: Enter a hex value on the left to set the colour.
  • Picked colours storage: Store picked colours for later use

Using the colour picker

Click and drag to select a colour (1). Move the slider (2) to select a different hue. Hex colour values can be typed or pasted into the text box (3). Click the + button (4) to store the colour in the picked colours grid (5). Pick a colour from the colour swatch (6) if you want the colour to change when ever you change the colour swatch. To set the colour to Transparent, click (7).

Click the OK button (8) to close the colour picker and apply the selected colour