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TLD Registrar Solutions is committed to providing our customers with first class service. If you need support please email For general inquiries, including question about any of our products or stores please fill out our contact form below and we will respond within 24 hours.

If you would like to report abuse please email or call us on +1.5163015301 and we will deal with your correspondence promptly. You will receive a reply with a unique reference number, please include this reference number in all correspondence. We assess each report of abuse against our terms and conditions and are only able to suspend a domain if there is a clear breach and our customer has not addressed the breach within a reasonable timeframe. For any issues relating to copyright or trademark infringement, or other abusive matters where it is difficult to validate the legality of the claim within our jurisdiction, we will notify our customer of the alleged infringement and ask that they resolve the matter directly with the reporting party.