Pages & Navigation: Create a page folder

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Folders are very useful when you need a sub-navigation menu. They will allow you to categorize your pages and add a sub-navigation menu to each folder.

Click the pages Tab (1)

Click the create folder button (2)

Give the folder a name

Enter a name in the name field (1). It's best to use a short single word where possible. If the Create Folder Home Page checkbox is ticked, a page called 'index' will be created inside the folder

The new folder will be created:

Add new pages to your folder

Click the Create Page button in the pages tab (1)

Select the folder (1) you wish the page to be created in.

Click the Create Page button (2) to create the page.

Note: Drag and drop is not supported in the page navigation menu

Add existing pages to a folder

Open the page options

Click the page options button and select Name and URL (1)

Choose the folder

Select the destination folder (1) and click Save (2)