Using Widgets: Flickr widget

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How to add a Flickr widget

The Flickr widget displays thumbnails from Flickr that match a search term. Clicking on a thumbnail will display a larger image.

1. Locate the Flickr widget

Click on the widgets tab and then Social (1). You may need to scroll down to see the Flickr widget (2)

2. Drag and drop the Flickr Widget to an edit zone

After a few seconds the widget will appear with a default image selection

3. Click the edit icon to change the default settings

4. Enter a new search term

Change the search term (1). Click the OK button (2) to update the widget. It may take up to 20 seconds to update the widget. Adjust the number of pictures to be shown using the Amount slider (3)

5. Show a specific group of pictures

To use the Flickr widget with a specific set of photos you first need to give them a unique tag in Flickr.

Use the same tag in the search field (1) on the Flickr widget panel and your photos will appear in the widget.

Note: Flickr may take hours or even days to propogate new tags.

6. Change the size of the thumbnail

1. Click on the CSS tab
2. Change the line of CSS to read

width: 25px;
height: 25px;

3. Change the width and height values
4. Click the save changes button