Using Widgets: RSS feed widget

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How to use the RSS feed widget to add a dynamic RSS feed to your page

Locate the RSS feed widget

Click on the widgets tab (1) and then click on the Social group (2). You may need to scroll down to see the RSS feed widget

Drag and drop the widget onto an edit zone

When you drop the widget, it will show the default RSS feed

Edit the default settings

Click and drag to position the widget. Click the edit button to show the RSS feed settings panel.

Change the RSS feed source

Paste a feed URL into the field. Press the return key on your keyboard or click the OK button to set the feed. After a few sconds the RSS widget will update.

You can find feeds at

Note: A Feed URL is not the same as a website URL.

Change the appearence of the RSS feed

Click on the styles tab (1) to display the widget styles controls. Click on a text style Edit button (2) and then use the controls to adjust the style.