Using Widgets: Template widgets

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Create a template widget

Use a template widget as a container for content that you want to share across many pages, like a header or a footer. When you edit the content of a template widget on one page it will change on every page.

1. Create new template widget

Click the widgets tab (1) and then scroll down to find the template widgets tab (2). Click Add new template widget (3)

Give the template widget a descriptive name (1) and click the Create Template widget button (2)

2. Drag the widget onto the page

The template widget handle (1) can be click to select the widget. Click the lock icon (2) to prevent content within the widget from being changed.

3. Drag and drop image or text content into the Template widget.

You can use most kinds of content widget inside a template widget but you can not place one template widget inside another.

4. Lock the widget to prevent changes

When you have finished adding content, click the template widget handle (1)

Click the lock icon (1) to prevent accidental changes to the contents of the template widget. Once the template widget is locked you can position it like any other widget

5. Place the template widget on other pages where you want the same content to appear

Navigate to another page (1) and drag the template widget into place (2).